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Our Goals

We want to provide Kenyan athletes, their families and lots of enthusiastic young runners with the opportunity and appropriate basic conditions to help themselves to finance and master their lives through running.

Help for self-help and not just a one-way project – all our members and running camp guests also gain in many different ways from this partnership. A unique chance to get to learn a very different culture from a really authentic perspective is very rare indeed, but our project really enables you to make new friends across national and cultural borders and to expand your personal horizons.

The best Kenyan athletes, with back-up support from the members of the Austrian club, compete in races in Europe. The athletes themselves retain 70% of any prize money they win while the other 30% goes to the other members of the club who remain in Kenya and to the project activities there. There are no managers involved who take a cut of earnings – instead contact goes directly from our club to race organisers.

If you would like to support and enjoy the unique benefits of this project, you are warmly invited to come along to our training camps, and you can also become a member of the run2gether team – see Become a Member, or take part in the realisation of our Sports Centre Construction project by buying building blocks.

If you are a race organiser and are interested in having our Kenyan athletes starting in your race, you will probably be interested in viewing our You Can Benefit Too and On the Start Line web pages.
We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you

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