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2gether – this epitomises the spirit of cooperation with which athletes from Austria and Kenya mutually support each other within the framework of our project. Irrespective of whether the motto is run2gether, train2gether or live2gether, many things are easier to achieve together, and ideas can come to fruition that probably seemed unrealistic before.

Mutual benefits at a variety of different levels – of this we are totally convinced – will make us a stronger team together. Running and training together at running camp weeks during the summer in Austria, organised running tours to races with personal contact to the very top elite athletes, insight into the everyday and sporting lives of Austrian and Kenyan runners, culinary and musical impulses, altitude training camps with friends in Kenya, the sport of running as a stable base for the economic well-being of our Kenyan athletes – all ideas as well as visions that we want to realise in partnership.

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