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Kenya can be divided into two different climate zones: In the highlands, i.e. land above 1800 m and where our sports centre is located, the rainy period occurs from April to June and from October to November. Precipitation falls largely in the afternoon, evening and during the night. The nights are relatively cool. The coldest time of the year in this region is in July and August with a minimum daily temperature of around 10°C. The warmest period is in January and February with a maximum daily temperature of around 25°C – 26 °C. Humidity is around 65 %. In Nairobi temperatures in July are between 11°C and 21°C and in February 13°C to 26°C. The average annual precipitation in Nairobi is 958 mm.

On the coast, temperatures are between 22°C and 32 °C, and average humidity is roughly 75 %. The greatest rainfall is in the period April to June. The driest months are January and February. The warmest months are January to May und October to December.

The climate in the vicinity of our training centre is non-seasonal with cold nights (minimum temperature of 5°C to 10°C) and warm to hot days (temperature around 30°C). This means that warm clothes, and in extreme cases also a hat, may be needed for the early morning training sessions.

During the day, sufficient sun protection is necessary against the strong equatorial sun!

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