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Our running routes start and end without exception right at the sports centre at an altitude of 2,380 m. Due to this high altitude, warm clothes are necessary for the morning training sessions (temperatures are between 10° and 15° at dawn).

Savannah routes: through a flat and impressive landscape with the chance of seeing zebras and antelopes, from an altitude of 2,380m down to 2,200m towards Lake Naivasha

Mountain routes: a multitude of different routes lead upwards towards the highway with some climb. The highest point is a satellite communication station as 2,720m.

run2gether Trial Route: we organise regular internal club trial races in order to check the training status and fitness of our athletes. A 10.2 km circuit is run two or three times and this route can of course also be run for training purposes at any time.

Long runs: our long runs often lead us along the Uganda railway line in the remote village of Kijabe with its hot springs and monkey population, over or past Mount Kijabe to Kenton or to the so-called Flyover crossroads. The altitude of these routes is mostly between 2,100m and 2,680m.

Naturally, in addition, there are a multitude of short running trails on dirt roads and paths that we can use. Our athletes know every route and will lead all our guests safely through Kenya’s amazing landscape.

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