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We can plan your training

You have been training for some time now but you wish to improve further and need a plan to guide your training?
If, in addition, you are also interested in learning about training ideas that are somewhat different to the standard ones in Europe, and you would like to have a training plan written by the Kenyan national coach, Peter Mathu Titi, or one of our experienced athletes, then you have come to the right place.

How will it work and how will you benefit?

You will either get to know your training adviser at one of our summer running camps where you have the opportunity to make personal friendships with our Kenyan athletes, or we will organise contact either by e-mail or phone direct to Kenya. It is important to establish your current fitness level and training base and to ascertain your expectations, goals, time available for training and the training you have undertaken previously. Your training adviser can then design an individual training plan just for you on the basis of this information. Regular contact by e-mail or Facebook, feedback about your training and if possible also personal face-to-face meetings (in the summer months or maybe even on a visit to Kenya) are important elements of the training advisory service.

If you are interested in Kenyan training assistance, just send us an e-mail at ) and we will then contact you straightaway.

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