Electric Light for Kiambogo’s Primary School

2016.01.25 Strom Für Primary School 02

In addition to our Run2gether nursery school we run, the Kiambogo Primary School is one of two schools that participates in our sponsorship program „Run2gether Children in Kiambogo“.

Currently, 60 of our sponsored children attend this primary school. Financing additional teaching aides and paying the school fees for our sponsored children has long been important to us. But we have also tried to improve the school’s infrastructure, which is generally in very poor condition.

After building new bathroom facilities for boys and girls in 2014, we started working on our next project, which was supported by donations from our children’s sponsors and from participants at the Austrian Women’s Run.

During our visits to the school we had come to realize that the classrooms (in which no less than 50 to 60 children per class are taught!) were very dark – even during the day. We thus decided to provide all classrooms and offices with electric light. No sooner said than done! With the help of two of our runners, Peter Chege and Geoffrey Gikuni, we contracted a local company to lay cable from the edge of the school’s property into all of the classrooms and offices.

Before: Dark classrooms

After: Just look how happy the children and teachers are!

Now, the principal and the secretary can even work at school in the evening.

Here is Elisabeth, the school secretary, in her own words: „At last Kiambogo primary school has gotten electricity. Thanks the whole Run2gether team for making a dream come true for us! On behalf of the entire school and community receive our gratitude and many many thank you. I can now work even in the evening hours, especially now in the beginning of the year and has got a lot of work, which I usually carried home. I am now happy, thank you!“

And we at Run2gether would like to thank our children sponsors and everyone who donated at the Austrian Women’s Run for your tremendous support!

Thomas Kratky
for the Run2gether Team

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