Elizabeth Njoki MAINA

Child ID: 171

Geburtsdatum: 24.06.2010
Run2gether Nursery School:
Primary School Sision: 2017
Info: Elizabeth hat 2 Geschwister
Läufer-Pate: Peter Chege WANGARI
Paten: Marion, Jens and Miriam MEERKÖTTER
Paten-Statement: Dear Elizabeth, I live with my husband Jens (he also loves to run a lot) and my daughter Miriam in Austria/Korneuburg – close to Vienna. Miriam turned 18 in December and she is now finishing school. Maybe she will go afterwards for a short time to India and Australia. We want to give other kids the chance for a good education and wish you good luck for school! Enclosed you will find 2 pictures of us 3!
Love, Marion, Jens and Miriam