Das Marathon-Hotel Das Sonnreich beginnt sich zu füllen, laufend kommen nun die knapp 130 Teilnehmer aus 36 Nationen des S7 Marathons- und Halbmarathonfelds in Loipersdorf an. Auch unsere kenianischen Athleten, die das Tempo für unsere Teilnehmer und deren persönliche Ziele machen werden, sind schon gut im Hotel angekommen! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir beim S7 Marathon auch paralympische Teilnehmer bei uns begrüßen dürfen.
Wir haben den Sonntag 23.5.2021 als Wettkampftag finalisiert. Nun ist es auch Zeit, euch die letzten Topathletinnen und -athleten vorzustellen.

The Marathon Hotel Das Sonnreich is starting to fill up continuously, almost 130 participants of the S7 Marathon and Half Marathon from 36 nations arrive in Loipersdorf. Also our Kenyan athletes, who will set the pace for our participants to reach their personal goals, have already arrived well in the Hotel! We are very happy to welcome paralympic participants at the S7 Marathon.
We have finalized the Sunday 23.5.2021 as the race day. Now it is also time to introduce you the last top athletes.

🇩🇪 Johannes Bessell

The final call to Tokyo! This also applies to the German starter Johannes Bessell. The big goal for Johannes are the Paralympics, which will take place one month after Tokyo!
Johannes has been suffering from plexus paresis since birth. But this has never stopped his sporting ambition! Over the years, he tried different sports. He was active in para-cycling for years, tried his hand at badminton, where he won bronze at the German Para-Badminton Championships in 2016. Finally, he joined running at TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen in 2017. His biggest success was the bronze medal in the 1500m at the 2018 European Para Athletics Championships in Berlin. In 2019, he was able to qualify for the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai.
Now his full focus is on the marathon! With his companion Marian Bunte he will fight for his qualification at the S7Marathon with us! We are looking forward to this great athlete!

🇩🇪 Anja Scherl

With Anja Scherl, an experienced and fast German marathon runner is coming to the S7 Marathon. She fulfilled her big athletic dream by participating in the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. With her personally marathon best time of 2:27:50h actually her biggest sporting success! With a great marathon in Seville 2020 Anja almost had the ticket for her second Olympic dream in the bag. But who would have thought that close before the Olympics 2:28:25h would not be enough for the German Olympic team?
Unfortunately things did not go as planned in Milan last Sunday and Anja had to end the race prematurely. We wish her a quick recovery and a satisfying result at the S7 Marathon!

🇩🇪 Laura Hottenrott

This news is a small sensation and could cause a stir among the German Olympic team! Laura Hottenrott starts another attack on the German Olympic tickets! Three tickets may give to the German team, Deborah Schöneborn is placed third. The goal for Laura should be clearly defined, who is currently on 5th place.
After a tough and not very successful struggle for starting opportunities last year, Laura has achieved impressive new best times! With a German team bronze medal on the Half marathon world championships in Gydina Laura added in 70:49min the second best performance after Melat Kejata. Laura finished the 10k in 32:13min in Berlin 2021 and in Enschede 2021 she was able to push her marathon best by 5min to 2:28:02h. But this should not be the end of the line! We are looking forward to Laura Hottenrott and her attack on the Olympics!

🇳🇱 Andrea Deelstra

She was giving everything for her Olympic dream which meant also selling her house.
As she failed to qualify for Tokyo in 2019 due to an injury, Andrea Deelstra lost her A-squad status in the Dutch federation. Then, when all competitions were cancelled due to the Corona pandemic and the prospect of entry or prize money dwindled, things became precarious financially. To make up for this deficit, Andrea decided to take a big and bold step: she sold her house. But for the determined, positive athlete, the risk of betting fully on the Olympic qualification card paid off. In Valencia 2020, she became the first Dutch woman to break the required standard with a time of 2:28:28. Great!
We are pleased that the steps to her second Olympic participation lead via  S7!

Euer run2gether Team