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The Concept

Help for self-help – this was and is the motto for our activities; in particular for the project in Kenya. The construction of the Mount Longonot Sports & Recreation Centre has a central role in many respects in this regard.

The construction phase has already created 100 jobs in a region that has been severely affected by drought in recent years. When the centre is completed, further jobs will be created for the running of the centre and in the long-term the sports centre will help the further commercial development of Kiambogo and its surroundings.

Close cooperation with the local school will guarantee support for young people and a school place for all children irrespective of their parents’ income. Running shall, in parallel with their education in school, be a fixed element of their meaningful activities. The sports centre will therefore be open specifically in the school holidays for children and they will have the chance to become better acquainted with the sport of running under the professional guidance of our head coach Peter Mathu Titi.

Those who are aware of the living conditions of many of our club members in the slums of Nairobi know how important a safe and problem-free place to live can be. Our athletes will be able in future to find this security and tranquillity at our sports centre: Free accommodation, healthy and plentiful food, plenty of training partners and professional coaching and administration. In this way, we will raise the training and race preparation opportunities of our runners to a completely new level.

The concept of profiting mutually from the sports centre in Kenya is a major principle for us. For this reason, looking after our European guests at the sports centre will be another main focus. Our athletes will be directly involved in looking after our guests, they will be responsible for our guests during their stay and will be able to support their own families with the earnings they earn from these activities. These earnings will be separate from any from race starts in Europe, and are intended for athletes who may have passed the best day of their running career or young athletes who are on their way to becoming international class.

The cost of a holiday at the Sports & Recreation Centre can be considered as a form of social support and forms an important contribution to the realisation of our ideas.

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