Programme Race-Weekend

Dear athletes,
hope all of you have arrived well and feel ready for Sundays race. After fixing the date yesterday – Sunday May 23rd at 9am – its time to give you an exact scedule for the Race-weekend. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to visit us at the Information desk in the Competition Centre.


  • from 9.00am ACCREDIATION in the Competition Centre; those of you who have not yet signed all necessary documents and recieved their accreditation cards can do this from Saturday morning up to 8.00pm in the evening latest.
  • 10.30am PRESS CONFERENCE in the Loipersdorf Congress (Competition Centre)
    some of you will recieve an invitation to answer some questions about Sundays race followed by short questions from our Livestream-team to many of you.
  • 11.30am TECHNICAL MEETING in the same location. Every participant should definitely attend this meeting to get all informations about Sundays race and get his questions answered. After the meeting bib numbers + Chip (you have to fix it on your shoe) will be given out to all athletes. If you are not able to attend the Technical Meeting you can watch it on our website from 4.00pm and recieve your bib number at the information desk in the Competition Centre until latest 8.00pm.
  • DRINKING BOTTLES and Maurten products will be given out at the information desk as well. In the Technical meeting you will recieve detailed informations about the position/table of your personal drinks during the race and how you will have to place them.
  • SHUTTLE BUS: we offer up to 125 places (4 busses), which will take you to the startarea in case you don’t have your private car. PLEASE: you have to book your place latest 6.00pm.
  • 5.00-6.00pm COVID TEST. Make sure to be there and recieve your green bracelet which will allow you to enter the startarea at Race day!


  • from 5.30am Breakfast will start.
  • 6.30am BUS for Coaches/Managers will leave from the hotel. Only 25 persons are allowed in 50seats Bus. Please remember to wear FFP2 in the bus and the whole day, even outside when being in the start- and finisharea. Only those wearing GREEN bracelet and accrediation card will be allowed to enter the bus.
  • 7.30am BUSSES for athletes will leave from the hotel. Make sure to be in time. The busses will leave at exact time. Transporttime will be around 20-25min. Only those wearing GREEN bracelet and accrediation card will be allowed to enter the bus.
  • PRIVATE CARS: there will be a oneway system and the only way to reach the startarea is the way marked on the map in your Starterbag, which you have recieved at the accreditation. Parkingslots are limited and at the entrance (Firebrigade/Staff member) you will have to present your GREEN bracelet and accreditation card. Check our map „Way to competition“

ATTENTION: Those of you who have not picked their startingnumber and accreditation card before (hopefully it will be very few) have to present a negative Antigentest certificate (not older than 24hours), have to sign accrediation papers and finally will recieve their starterbag, bibnumber + chip and green bracelet.

  • STARTINGAREA: there will be NO tents, but busses for athletes will remain close to the startline until 9.00am. You can place your luggage (please mark it well) in the bus, which will wait you in the finisharea. Coaches/Managers: make sure to be well prepared for rainy conditions. REMEMBER: FFP2 mask has to be worn all the time, except athletes during competition.
  • DRINKING BOTTLES: according the informations which you will recieve at the Technical meeting you have to place your bottles on the right table (marked with Tablenumber and Startingnumber). Those of you with personel support (Coach/Manager/..) will have a separate area, where drinks can be given out directly to you. This drinking station you will pass every 5.8km (one lap).
  • 8.45am PRESTART all athletes have to pass the gate and enter the final startarea (over the new Highwaybridge). No coaches/managers/… are allowed to go there!
  • 9.00am START for Halfmarathon and Marathon.
  • HALFMARATHON FINISH: after finishline you have to leave the race course immediately. You will recieve a finishbag including drink and something to eat as well as a FFP2 mask, which you have to wear immediately. For those athletes using our bus shuttle, the bus will wait close to the finish area and will take you back to the hotel. Top 3 Men and Ladies will be taken to the Marathon-Finisharea, where a short Prizegiving ceremony will take place. Athletes using Private cars have to jog (approx. 1km) to village called „Großwilfersdorf“, where your driver can pick you or can take a shuttle back to the startarea (9-seater bus).
  • MARATHON FINISH: Hopefully you will be very happy and satisfied when reaching there :-)! You will recieve a finishbag including drink and something to eat as well as a FFP2 mask, which you have to wear immediately. After celebrating your good time and Prizegiving ceremony for Top 3, busses with your bags inside are waiting you (or Private cars – parking is close) and will take you back to the Hotel.
  • DOPING TEST: in case you are selected for Doping test you have to follow officials to nearby building, where you can stay inside and wait until procedure is done.
S7Marathon Transparent Good Luck