Simon Kamau NJERI Bei Der Holzkohlenerzeugung

In the coming weeks we want to tell you about our athletes in our ‚working and running‘ series. We’ll show you how to combine your training and work in the best possible way in order to stay fit and motivated for the future sporting challenges and how they are living.

With the help of sponsorships for all active team members, run2gether makes a significant contribution to the financial support of their families.

Here the runners tell how they are currently doing and thank them personally for the great help because not all of them have the opportunity to contact their sponsors directly.

Today Simon Kamau NJERI and James Thuo IRUNGO introduce themselves


Simon Kamau NJERI

I am very happy for entire leadership of Run2gether. For unity working together achievements Run2gether have improved since started under the Run2gether leadership of Thomas Krejci, Manager.

Thanks alot to stand with Kenya Run2gether ATHLETICS, this tough conditions of Epidemic Corona. I appreciate!  May God give you more strength to continue with that spirit and thanks to all European guests, who support the Run2gether projects! SIMON KAMAU NJERI, RUN2gether to remain forever.


The pictures show how Simon earns some extra money by making charcoal. After a week of hard work, he receives approx. 30 euro (!). As an additional wage, last week he was allowed to fill 7 bags of coal for his family’s own consumption.

In addition, he tills his grandmother’s fields and can only take a break after training and work.

Also Simon trains a group of children from his village to run in his little free time.

James Thuo IRUNGO

Fast thanks to my sponsors: thanks for all people, who have played part to help run2gether runs much thanks! My life train is good because of help I am getting. I am very happy, because of the motivating me in my training and help me. My training is not so good in the moment, because I have to do it alone.  After my training I am farming. 

Many thanks for what I get monthly, it helps me alot!


James, who lives just a few steps from our camp in Kiambogo and is our youngest team member at the age of 20, has been training with the adult athletes since he was 12 years old. His dearest wish is to be able to come to Europe one day. With his diligence and ambition he will certainly be able to achieve his goal in the next few years.

Asante sana to all run2gether sponsors!

The run2gether Team

21. Aug. 2020