Benard pos 3, Viola pos 6 and Lokomwa beaten after accident.


Very tough Crosscountry race for our athletes in Belgium. Even they could not reach their set goals, they will return with a lot of new and important experiences.

It was the first XC race for Viola since several years and the first time to run in such difficult conditions. After starting very well she showed her strenght but nearly missed the course after few km. She lost concentration and further on could not follow the pace of the leading ladies. Nevertheless she ran quite constant pace and finally finished on 6th position.

After bad starting Benard had to waste a lot energy to close the gap in the early stage of the competition. Nevertheless he managed to reach the cabin but couldn’t follow any more, when the leading runners increased the pace. He stayed on position 3 throughout the whole race and finished quite comfortable on the podium place. Congratulations!

Lokomwa was starting much better, stayed in the cabin but unfortunately fell down and got injured by another athlete stepping on his leg with spike shoes. He tried to proceed but had to reduce his pace and finally finished only at position 16. Quite dissapointing for him, but also important experience to run a competition in such demanding conditions. Fortunately his injury seems to be not thats erious and we hope that he will recover completely until Corrida di San Geminiano next saturday.


Ladies (06.00-30.00)
Men (47.00-1.22.00)

Thanks a lot to Mike Dostert who took care of our athelets and made it possible to start in Belgium for the first time. Tomorrow lunch time they will return to Italy and will be treated (massage, regeneration) for quick recovery.

Your run2gether Team


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