2020 Help For Run2gether Athletes 4

Worldwide we are dealing with a state of emergency right now. The health of our loved ones and our jobs are all at stake. Some of us also have to face financial challenges or deal with getting used to home office and homeschooling while spending as little time as possible outside.

As of right now the children who are part of our run2gether sponsorship program do have access to minimum essentials. We are in close contact with our local representatives to ensure that if needed we are there to help the families with medical and food supplies. Currently there is no case of Covid-19 in Kiambogo. However, due to the nature of this virus this may change very soon.

Unfortunately, the implications of this pandemic are especially difficult for our run2gether athletes and their families. Our athletes were preparing for months in order to compete at their personal best in the upcoming race season in Europe. Due to Covid-19 all sports events worldwide have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely which ultimately means that our athletes do not have a possibility to earn money and therefore to feed them and their families.
Since we also had to close our run2gether camp in Kiambogo, in order to comply with the rules set by the Kenyan government, we are unable to provide care for them. A public safety net similar to the ones in European countries is not available in Kenya.

In response to this we are taking the run2gether motto literally and therefore make it our responsibility to support the survival and wellbeing of our athletes and their families during this crisis. All of our 46 run2gether athletes will hence receive KSH 10.000 (approximately € 100) for essential shopping every month. This ensures that our athletes and their families will not have to suffer from hunger in these scary times.

However, the financial means of run2gether are limited and we hope for your help!

HELP for our run2gether athletes

is the name of the project which will support the care of our athletes until the end of 2020.

If you would like to support this project you can do this in either one of the following ways:

  • Become a sponsor for one of our athletes for a limited time and help with your monthly contribution of at least € 20 until the end of 2020 to support them and their families. During this time you have the possibility to text our athletes (via whatsapp) about their wellbeing, your own training, about Kenya and any other things. You can also make use of virtual trainings and little competitions. Here you can find all of our run2gether athletes.
  • Participate in our VIRTUAL run2gether CHALLENGES. This will get you fit and also support our run2gether athletes with a donation of € 5 (or more). All details about the challenge can be found here:  VIRTUAL run2gether CHALLENGES.
  • Make a one-time donation to support this project.

We are currently planning to help our athletes with this financial support until the end of 2020. As soon as we are allowed to open our camp in Kiambogo we will ensure that our run2gether athletes will be taken care of on site and individually adapt any further financial support.

Bank details:
Laufteam run2gether Austria
IBAN: AT63 6000 0005 1005 6639
Reason for payment: HELP for our run2gether athletes

If you have questions about this project or your preferred athlete for sponsoring please feel free to send a message to patenschaften@run2gether.com.
In case one of our athletes is on exceptionally high demand we reserve the right to nominate a substitute for your donation.

We wish you all the best and say Asante sana!

Thomas Kratky
for the run2gether team.