Abigael Njeri WANJIRU

Dob: 11 years old (2014)
Run2gether Nursery School: —
Primary School Limuru
Info: Peter Chege’s cousin; the father had left the family early on and the mother died in 2007. Since then Abigael has been raised by her grandmother (meanwhile her grandfather died as well).
Sponsoring runner: Peter Chege WANGARI
Sponsor: Christl KRATKY
Sponsor statement: I am a Sponsor, because I like children. But also because, although he is very busy in his job , I’m convinced that my son Thomas Kratky, will support this project with all his might. I am very proud of my son and count on him. I cross my fingers for further projects and will support them. I’m sure the girl I sponsor will bring me much joy. And joy is what I wish all the other sponsors too.
Greetings, Christl Kratky