Newton Kariuki NJERI

Dob: 31.12.2007
Run2gether Nursery School: 2014
Primary School Sision: since 2015
Info: His mother does her best to provide for Newton and his 4 sisters and 5 brothers and make their childhood a good one, but they live in grat poverty.
Sponsoring runner: Erick Muthoni RIUNGU
Sponsor: Johann & Daniela HEINZL
Sponsor Statement: I am an avid amateur runner and when I learned of this run2gether 2013 project, I was impressed from day one. The children in Kiambogo will get the chance to grow up as others and above all receive education. I can not save the whole world, but with my sponsor at least I will save the small Newton a better future. When In March of last year (2014) I visited the running camp in Kiambogo and met my godson and his family, which was an indescribable moment! Is there anything better in the world to be able to help as children! I am proud to be a sponsor Run2geher and am looking forward now to the next visit in Kiambogo in February 2015 it again!