Hannah Wangari NJIHIA

Child ID: 178

Geburtsdatum: 26.05.2009
Run2gether Nursery School: —
Primary School Kiambogo: 2017
Info: [2020.04.16): Korrektur Geb.Dat und Vorname (Ann ist der Spitzname)
Ann hat 3 Brüder und 1 Schwester und lebt in sehr bescheidenen Verhältnissen in Kiambogo
Läufer-Pate: Peter Chege WANGARI
Paten: Sonja, Miriam und Alfred Steinwender
Paten-Statement: (2017.05): Dear Ann, my name is Miriam and I am 9 years old – so I am as old as you are. I am living in Vienna with my parents: Sonja is the name of my mother and Alfred from my father. For many years, my parents have been active in an international youth peace educational organization (www.cisv.org) and therefore we are happy to be able to support you too. If we could contribute to make your education a little bit more pleasant that would make us very happy. So, therefore I wish you all the best! Greetings from Vienna! Your Miriam