Noch einmal kamen unsere noch in Europa befindlichen Athleten am vergangenen Wochenende zum Einsatz. Für die Gruppe in Italien war das Ziel der Bibione Halbmarathon, für die Läufer in Wien war es ein „Spezialeinsatz“ beim Vienna City Marathon.
Once again our athletes who are still in Europe were called into action last weekend. For the group in Italy the goal was the Bibione Half Marathon, for the runners in Vienna a „special mission“ at the Vienna City Marathon.

Vienna City Marathon – Pacemaker

Marathon-Restart war am vergangenen Wochenende  in Wien angesagt – das erste sportliche Großereignis in Österreich seit Beginn der Pandemie stellte sich der Herausforderung, einen „fast normalen“ Event mit 26.000 Anmeldungen in Covid-Zeiten zu veranstalten. Nach der Verschiebung vom Ursprungstermin im April in den September wagten sich die Veranstalter als erster großer Stadtmarathon in Europa über dieses Comeback.
Ein strenges Covid-Konzept, ein großes internationales und heimisches Spitzenfeld, eine Virtual Race Option und viele motivierte Teilnehmer in verschiedenen Distanzen sollten diese Neuauflage zu einem Lauffest werden lassen. Dieses Ziel trat, in Anbetracht eines tragischen Todesfalles auf der Halbmarathonstrecke letztlich leider in den Hintergrund.
Wir möchten der betroffenen Familie unser aufrichtiges Beileid aussprechen!

Pacemakers always have a sensitive task. On the one hand they should keep the agreed pace, offer slipstream and also have a positive moral influence on the runner they pace during the race. So our runners discussed the course, tactics and also preferences during the marathon with their protégés. For example not all athletes like to run behind their pacemakers, but prefer to have them next to them, or they choose the sides of the road themselves during the marathon. This has to be exchanged and agreed upon in the preliminary discussions.

In any case our five pacemakers were completely convincing with the completion of the tasks assigned to them. Even though Isaac had to drop out after 15 km due to circulation problems, Mathew paced the second leading group until km 25 as agreed. Githuku was open whether he wanted to stay with Fabienne Schlumpf until the end but he had to stop after 30 km due to muscular reasons. Isaac as well as for Githuku had a long competition season behind them.
Philimon delivered a top performance with the company of his runner. The Ethiopian Burka fell down just before the HM mark, losing valuable seconds to the eventual winner from Kenya. Nevertheless Philimon stayed by her side until the end and was eventually able to accompany her to an excellent third place.
Ronaldo also did his job very well, running with Victoria until the end and leading her to her first Austrian National Marathon title! Very well done guys!

We also congratulate all successful run2gether members on their great performances at the VCM!

Except for Philimon and Mathew all Kenyans now set off on their well-deserved journey home.
Have a good trip – safari njema!

Results Vienna City Marathon

Bibione Halbmarathon

The starting signal for the half marathon in Bibione was given at 8:00 in the morning. Ronah Nyaboke NYABOCHOA and Kipkorir BIRIR started for our run2gether team.
With already very warm temperatures and a strong field, the women’s race was particularly exciting. From the beginning a group of 3 formed with Ronah, the Kenyan Kabergei and the Italian Maraoui. The trio stayed together until KM 15 when Ronah and the second Kenyan increased the pace, which the Italian could not keep up with. The decision was made in the final sprint where Ronah had to settle for second place, only one second behind Kabergei.

The men’s race was similar. As in the women’s race there was a group of 3 runners, all Kenyans, who led the race shoulder to shoulder for the first 6 km. Birir then broke away from the other two runners and was able to build up a steady lead. He kept this lead until the finish and crossed the finish line in first place with a new course record! Congratulations!

Results Bibione Halfmarathon

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