Covid Travelregulations

Covid 19 1

Dear athletes,
the Covid pandemic changed all our lifes but we stay optimistic and the run2gether S7Marathon organization should be part of our way back to normality.

Nevertheless we have to take the situation very serious, follow all advices and rules to protect ourself, our friends and family. As professional athletes you have more „freedom“ in matter of travelling but also more responsibilty towards other people. Let us give a good example how sport events can take place in a  safe way even in such conditions!


This is a guideline for you to be well prepared, carrying all required documents and arrive safe at the race hotel.

  • Those of you who need a visa to enter Austria have already recieved an invitation letter and hopefully have applied successfully.
  • After entering online you have recieved a confirmation automatically from our timekeeping company. Please print it and take it with you.
  • Each of you will recieve another Confirmation of participation (Teilnahmebestätigung) latest 10 days before arrival. Please print it English (or German) and take it with you.
  • Negative PCR test: you will need a confirmation of negative PCR test in English or German, maximum 72 hours old at arrival!
  • You need a letter from your athletics federation, confirming that you are a professional athlete according Austrian law. It means, that you need a licence number and you must target national or international level in athletics.
  • Print and take with you following confirmation from Austrian Sports Ministry.
  • Print and take with you your Hotel booking confirmation (example).
  • PRE-TRAVEL-CLEARANCE: everybody entering Austria has to fill this declaration but not more than 72hours before arrival. I have marked most important points in the formular (for those not coming from „Exceptions stated in Appendix A“):
    • You are entering Austria for business reasons – exemption § 5 (Abs. 5) and therefore you don’t have to stay in quarantine if you are able to present all documents.
    • You have to confirm that you have a negative Antigen (second last option) or PCR test (last option).
    • Even you don’t have to stay in quarantine, please enter address of race hotel.
    • Finally confirm, send and print it for your travel documents.
  • In case the system is not working, the last option is to download and fill this formular (NEW 20.5.2021) and print it.
S7Marathon Transparente


Before entering the hotel you will be tested for free once again (Antigen test).

Close to the competition registration point (few meters before the main entrance to the hotel) there will be a testing area open every day from 5pm to 6pm. Tested negative you will recieve a bracelet (each day in different color), which will allow you to enter the hotel. Please make sure to pass there each day of your stay before proceeding to dinner (from 6pm to 8pm).

If you arrive at a different time of the day there will be another testing area at the entrance of the spa, not far from the hotel. There you can be tested for free as well but will not recieve the bracelet, just another confirmation. This confirmation will allow you to enter the hotel and you will recieve the bracelet between 5pm and 6pm at our race-testing area for dinner.

The last evening before competition you will recieve green bracelet, which will allowe you to enter the startarea on competition day. Those athletes arriving directly at the startarea will be tested right before entering the startarea.


If you are Topathlete and booked to be picked at the airport, you will have to pass Antigentest right after arrival before entering shuttle. This test will cost 35€/person. After arrival at the hotel and presenting confirmation from airport Antigen-test at our testing area (between 5pm to 6pm) you will recieve the bracelet.


To be allowed to organize such an event we had to present a detailed Covid-prevention-concept.  At the registration desk you will have to sign, that you are ready to follow all given orders and regulations according this prevention concept.

This concept inludes following points:

  • you have to feel healthy and without Covid symptoms when taking part in the competition
  • you have to be tested latest the evening before the race and wearing the green bracelet when entering the starting area
  • even the whole staff will be tested every day
  • it is a must to wear a FFP2 mask all the time being at the competition area, except during the race
  • You will recieve a FFP2 mask in the startingbag and right after crossing the finishline. Nevertheless take some personal masks with you
  • Please keep distance to each other (2m) whenever possible and wear the FFP2 mask inside the hotel (except during meals)
  • Follow all rules, regulations and advices from staff