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Only a few weeks ago we reported on the treatment of Geoffrey Gikuni NDUNGU’s calcaneal tendon in Switzerland (read more about it here). Several weeks have passed since then, during which Geoffrey has been in intensive, nearly daily treatment under specialist supervision.

Having returned to Austria less than a week after his autohemotherapy in Switzerland, Geoffrey began to work with our physiotherapist Kerstin Petz and therapists from Aktiv Praxis and Impuls Team on the regeneration of his muscles and tendon. Thanks to the support of Karl Tödling and Nina Kainz it was possible to provide Geoffrey with the best possible care, which quickly resulted in his active participation. His daily training schedule consisted of aquajogging, riding the exercise bike and various other training programmes. We would also like to thank Dr. Reitinger in Graz, who treated the slightly damaged right calcaneal tendon by shock wave therapy in only three sessions.

Four weeks after the autohemotherapy Geoffrey could start his first light running sessions. He was able to increase the duration of the strain from a couple of minutes to 15km. Always on sight, Horst von Bohlen, our running-thechnique specialist, who keept a vigilant eye on Geoffrey. It is he, who is responsible for the, due to the injury neccesary, adjustment of Geoffrey’s running style. By the means of scrupulous video- and photo analysis, as well as lactate tests, in order to check his physical stress at various tempi, Geoffrey worked intensively on optimising his runnig. You can find more details here: Part 1, Part 2. and here you will find videos showing Geoffrey’s progress: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

Crucial to Geoffrey’s further treatment and the training structure was Freddy Siemes expert medical examination and treatment. The physiotherapist has gained his expertise, by working not only with the Austrian tennis elite but also the soccer players of Austria Wien and currently with athletes in Südstadt. Very painful streching and mobilisation exercises however, have also been on Geoffrey’s daily training schedule these past weeks.

We would like to thank Therme Liopersdorf and all our run2gether friends, who supported Geoffrey during this difficult time, providing accommodation and food and so contributed to the successful stay at the Therme.

Geoffrey is very happy about the positive healing process and the fact that he can run pain free. He returned home to Kenya yesterday, where his wife and collegues awaited him at the airport. Although his path back to full recovery is still a long one, it may take weeks or even months, Geoffrey is optimistic and so are we. We are convinced that Geoffrey will be back on top in 2016, at the latest.

Your run2gether Team

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